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Maintaining a faux leather couchCleaning a sofa fabric
▸ How to make children's clothes?
Maintaining a faux leather couchCleaning a sofa fabric
▸ How to make children's clothes?
How to make children's clothes?

What materials do you need?

The basis of making children's clothing is of course the fabric. There are many different fabrics, so you probably can't see the forest for the trees. Are you making children's clothes for the first time? Then you are probably inclined to start with a cheap fabric. A more sensible choice would be a slightly more expensive good quality fabric. These are usually easier to process and give a nicer result. To help you find your way between different fabrics, below is a list of the most sold fabrics for making children's clothing.

  • Qutie kids collection: High-quality cotton, tricot cotton or Nicky velor fabrics that is easy to work with. Nice patterns to make children's clothes
  • Babycord: this is a bit more firm cotton, a bit more difficult to sew, but very good quality. These are solid fabrics to make blankets, for example.
  • Knitted cotton: this is a somewhat thicker cotton so that your child is always nice and warm.

How much fabric do I need?

Have you finally found a nice fabric, but you are not sure exactly how much fabric to order for your sewing project? You can use the calculation below to know how much fabric you need for your children's clothing. The calculation is based on a width of 1.40. All fabrics on our website meet this requirement!

Kids shirt:

  • Long sleeve: 50 to 100 cm
  • Short sleeve: 40 to 70 cm.

Knee-length children's dress with sleeves:

  • Babies up to size 80, 50 to 70 cm.
  • Children with size 86 to 128, 70 to 150 cm.
  • Children in size 134 to 158, 150 to 190 cm.

Pants children: 1x the length + 15 cm

  • For babies up to size 80, 60 cm is often sufficient.
  • Children with size 104 need about 80 cm.

Disclaimer: For children, the height often varies as children are still growing a lot.


Do you want to make a maternity gift or are you expecting a baby soon? The list below is very useful to have standard sizes at hand when you order fabrics.

Maxi cosi bag 92.5 x 45cm

Playpen mat 80 x100cm

Cot blanket 150 x120cm

Cot sheet 140 x100cm

Mouth cloth 28 x 28cm

Fitted sheet Stroller 35x75cm,

Crib 40x80cm, crib 60x120c

Changing pad cover 95 x 110cm

Baby nest 2 x 1 meter


Where do you buy the fabrics?

  • Now that you know which fabrics you can best use for your children's clothing and how much you need, it is also useful to know where you can order the fabrics. If you want to see the fabrics in real life, instead of in a photo, you can choose to visit a showroom or go to a market. This is of course the most reliable option, but nowadays there are also very good online shops. What do you have to take into account and how do you get the right fabric? Follow these tips.
  • Online fabric stores indicate what the fabrics are suitable for, what the weight is and how you should wash them. So know in advance what you are looking for.
  • Please contact the online fabric store. Many of the shops are absolutely willing to help you out and answer your questions, or advise you on what fabric you need.
  • Read and post reviews. Most online fabric stores have the opportunity to review a fabric and the rest of their services. Read these to find out how others have experienced this fabric, but also post them yourself so you can help your fellow seamstresses.